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Sofa market and Recliners in Europe


According to the article “Sofa market and Recliners in Europe” published in the last issue of CSIL magazine “World Furniture” (75/September 2017), among the structural changes of the global upholstered sector, Europe keeps maintaining a relevant role.

With the production value exceeding EUR 12 billion, Europe accounts for around one fifth of the world upholstered furniture, coming after Asia Pacific and before North America.


The recliner/motion segment production increased its importance also in the European upholstered furniture industry with European manufacturers entering this market segment.

WEINIG at Ligna Fair in Hannover



At this year’s LIGNA fair in Hannover Weinig was a real attraction thanks to the competition that put up as a prize a four-side working machine Cube Plus.

Key factors driving the change in the furniture consumption worldwide


According to the article Megatrends for the furniture industry by Alessandra Tracogna, CSIL Industry Studies, issued in the nr 71 of “World Furniture” magazine, there are some rising megatrends affecting the way people live globally, particularly in the advanced economies.


All these factors are driving the change in furniture consumption too and manufacturers are targeting to meet emerging and changing demand through an evolving offer of products.


These keywords can be used by furniture manufacturers to better reach consumers and keep the competitive edge in a global market, where competition keeps growing day by day.

Status of the Office furniture market in the European continent


According to an article by Mauro Spinelli (CSIL) issued in the World Furniture magazine #70/September 2016, the office furniture market in Europe recorded a positive growth for the second year in a row (+4.7% in 2015).


The CSIL report “The European Market for Office Furniture” (June 2016 edition) confirms the trend with largest markets, like Germany, France and the United Kingdom, pushing the growth and performing over the European average.


New European member countries included in this year edition of the above mentioned CSIL study grew consistently over the European average and registered a +6.8% comparing to the previous year. Poland and the Czech Republic are the largest markets of this countries group and performed well in 2015.

Contract furniture. A growing business for European companies.


The attention paid to the Contract sector in the furniture industry is not just fashionable.


According to CSIL, sales of contract furniture of European producers and contractors have seen a double-digit growth of over 15% between 2010 and 2015.


This business has been constantly increasing in the last 5 years, at a yearly average rate of about 3%, and 2015 was among the best years (around 4%).

State of the European furniture industry


What is the state of the European furniture industry


According to CSIL, the furniture industry across Europe seems to be out of the crisis of 2008 and recorded a good performance in the last five years.


Here presented the main structural changes and companies business strategies to face the furniture market challenges, performances and characteristics of product segments and main territorial differences in the European furniture industry.

Status and evolution of the home furniture distribution system in Western Europe


According to CSIL report “Furniture distribution in Europe”, over 20% of world home furniture consumption takes place in Western Europe, whose per capita spending in furniture purchases is higher than the world average.


The Western European home furniture market is characterized by a high degree of trade integration within the countries belonging to this region, but it is opening fast to home furniture imports coming also from extra-WE countries.

Ready to Assemble furniture market in Europe. Performance, trends and innovations by CSIL


According to CSIL report “The European market for RTA furniture”, the European consumption of Ready to Assemble furniture (aka flat-pack, knock down, DIY - do it yourself, self-assembly and kit furniture) reached a value of EUR 14 billion in 2015.


In general, the RTA furniture market showed a better performance throughout Europe than the "fully assembled" furniture market, scoring a +13% in the time period 2010-2015, against the +3% of the latter.


The consumption of RTA furniture in Europe is highly concentrated as more than an half of sales are made on three markets: Germany, France and the UK.

Global upholstered furniture market



According to CSIL figures presented in the March issue of the review WORLD FURNITURE (69/2016), the upholstered furniture global production amounts to 77 billion US dollars, and recorded constant growth since 2009. Upholstery accounts for 17% of world furniture production and it is one of the most internationalized segments (both in terms of import and export flows and for companies’ international presence).


Production of upholstered furniture grew faster than the production of furniture in general. Generally speaking, growth in world upholstered furniture production was driven by the increase in furniture consumption.

CIFF 2016 | press release February 2016


In March, the eyes of the furniture industry are on Guangzhou for the 37th edition of CIFF

The 37th China International Furniture Fair, a business platform and an essential meeting place for all those operating in the sector, will be held in two phases: the first, from 18 to 21 March, and the second, from 28 to 31 March.

China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)

  • Phase One | 18-21 March 2016
  • Phase Two | 28-31 March 2016