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Malaysian Timber Conference 2018 in Kuala Lumpur


The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) hosted its first timber conference on 18 October 2018, at the Meridien Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, along with other sector experts from Finland, Switzerland and Malaysia.


Sylvia Weichenberger, CSIL Partner and Senior Expert, was invited as a guest speaker.

How world mattress industry has changed over the last ten years


According to CSIL, world consumption and production of mattresses have grown over the last decade, with different performances among different regions.


Globally, mattress production confirmed to grow in 2017. The value of mattresses produced worldwide increased by 40% since 2008 and it is forecasted to further increase in the time frame 2019- 2022.



Source: The world mattress industry", July 2018,  XV Edition

Trends in the European office furniture market


In a recent survey that involved around one hundred European office furniture distributors, a category which is shifting today from being simple suppliers of furniture items, to become providers of service, consultancy and complete solutions, CSIL tried to understand and describe the main sector’s trends in the coming years.



Source: Trends in the European office furniture market: the dealer’s point of view


CSIL cooperates with the EBRD in designing strategies and supporting companies of the furniture sector in Ukraine and Belarus


Alessandra Tracogna, CSIL senior partner, attended the events “Create. Produce. Export. Great opportunities for Ukranian furniture manufacturers” held in Kiev on May 23rd and the Minsk Furniture Forum on May 20th, 2018


The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is a joint initiative involving the EU and six Eastern European Partners: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.


In this framework of Neighbourhood Policy, the European Union co-funds the EU4Business initiative aimed at supporting SMEs in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Contract furniture. Hospitality is still the main engine in Europe


According to the latest edition of the CSIL report “The contract furniture and furnishings market in Europe” (2018) the largest segments of the contract market are Retail, including both mass-market and luxury shops, followed by Hospitality and Office.


With an increasing presence of international tourists, the Hospitality industry in Europe continues to be the main locomotive of the contract furniture and furnishing sector.

Trends in the European home furniture retail


Western Europe is a large and mature market for furniture sales, boasting over 420 million consumers and accounting for around one fifth of the global furniture consumption.


After years of difficulties, the furniture market has followed an upward path benefitting from an improved macroeconomic environment.


According to the CSIL report "Furniture distribution in Europe" issued in 2018, the market is forecast to keep growing also in 2018 and 2019.

Sofa market and Recliners in Europe


According to the article “Sofa market and Recliners in Europe” published in the last issue of CSIL magazine “World Furniture” (75/September 2017), among the structural changes of the global upholstered sector, Europe keeps maintaining a relevant role.

With the production value exceeding EUR 12 billion, Europe accounts for around one fifth of the world upholstered furniture, coming after Asia Pacific and before North America.


The recliner/motion segment production increased its importance also in the European upholstered furniture industry with European manufacturers entering this market segment.

WEINIG at Ligna Fair in Hannover



At this year’s LIGNA fair in Hannover Weinig was a real attraction thanks to the competition that put up as a prize a four-side working machine Cube Plus.

Key factors driving the change in the furniture consumption worldwide


According to the article Megatrends for the furniture industry by Alessandra Tracogna, CSIL Industry Studies, issued in the nr 71 of “World Furniture” magazine, there are some rising megatrends affecting the way people live globally, particularly in the advanced economies.


All these factors are driving the change in furniture consumption too and manufacturers are targeting to meet emerging and changing demand through an evolving offer of products.


These keywords can be used by furniture manufacturers to better reach consumers and keep the competitive edge in a global market, where competition keeps growing day by day.

Status of the Office furniture market in the European continent


According to an article by Mauro Spinelli (CSIL) issued in the World Furniture magazine #70/September 2016, the office furniture market in Europe recorded a positive growth for the second year in a row (+4.7% in 2015).


The CSIL report “The European Market for Office Furniture” (June 2016 edition) confirms the trend with largest markets, like Germany, France and the United Kingdom, pushing the growth and performing over the European average.


New European member countries included in this year edition of the above mentioned CSIL study grew consistently over the European average and registered a +6.8% comparing to the previous year. Poland and the Czech Republic are the largest markets of this countries group and performed well in 2015.