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Furniture companies are handling pandemic with flexibility

Working from home CSIL

Re-conversion of production, re-thinking of communication, digital options and agile working. The furniture industry is modulating business to face the Covid-19 outbreak.

A large number of furniture and furnishings firms is changing some production lines in their own plants to produce surgical masks, gowns, partitions, and protective equipment, together with usual products, to supply the healthcare segment and to compensate the global shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Furniture companies and retailers are also concerned about the health and safety of employees, so they are promoting skeleton staff in stores, digital options to boost e-commerce and implementing remote-work solutions.

Working from home is, therefore, a new and important reality for many people around the world.

For this purpose, several home and office furniture companies are re-thinking their communication and differentiating their offer by tailoring it for the incoming need to own a workstation in houses.


CSIL contribution in the Working from home, Telecommuting, Smartworking, Home office furniture analysis

It was 2000 when we approached the analysis of this segment for the first time in the report The European market for home office furniture, that had already underlined the rapid expansion of flexible and remote work that started during the late ’90s across Europe, thus strengthening the demand of home office furniture products and creating new growth opportunities and not ever seen convergence between traditional office furniture markets and the suppliers of domestic household furniture.

In a more recent study, Office & commercial furniture supply for small business and e-commerce in Europe. The dealer point of view, issued in March 2020, we underlined a further increase in the number of employed people working from home, always or sometimes.

Now we are back to study the remote-work / home-office / working-from-home furniture market in Europe, determinants of demand, trends, drivers, case studies, basic data, sales by country, competitive systems, products type analysis, prices, and distribution, and results of our research work will be published in June 2020.


What is the market size in Europe? What is the incidence of this segment in the European countries? What are the products involved and their features? What companies produce and sell for this segment? We are now trying to give an answer to these questions.


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