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The Furniture Industry in Europe

Detailed analysis of the European furniture industry that provides historical trends, current data and market forecasts. Production, furniture market size and international trade of furniture in Europe; factors affecting the competitiveness of producers; top manufacturers; market potentials; development insights; data by segment. In-depth analysis for 30 countries: outline of the market and forecasts, international trading partners, macroeconomic trends and major players. Around 1300 companies included.   more

World market for professional appliances

This Report provides information on the world market for professional appliances including: Foodservice equipment: including refrigeration, dishwashing, cooking appliances; Washing machines (Laundry); Air conditioning; Automatic vending machines


Kitchen furniture: World market outlook

CSIL analyzes 60 kitchen furniture market with a rich collection of key country data, production and consumption both in value and units. Company profiles for 30 among the main kitchen furniture manufacturers worldwide   more

E-commerce in the mattress industry

Detailed analysis of the world e-commerce mattress markets with focus on the US and Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Features of the online mattress business, incidence of online mattress sales by geographical area and in key countries, e-commerce mattress sales of the leading retailers by area and company profiles of top players operating in the online mattress sector.   more

Home office furniture market in Europe

Evolution of the home office furniture segment in Europe, demand determinants, estimated sales, distribution, competition and end-users experience concerning home office environment, furniture products bought, purchasing process, budgets and channels.   more

Focus On

The world mattress industry

A comprehensive picture of the global mattress industry with trends in production, consumption, imports and exports of mattresses and market forecasts up to 2021 taking into account the impact of Covid-19. The mattress industry in 50 countries is analysed in detail through socio-economic indicators, sector?s basic data, trading partners, volume of mattresses produced (when available), type of materials (when available), short profiles of leading manufacturers and a selection of retailers. Detailed profiles of the leading mattresses manufacturers worldwide and a selection of suppliers with website addresses are also included.   more

World Furniture Outlook 2020/2021

This Report provides an overview of the global furniture sector, through historical statistical data of production, consumption, imports and exports of furniture for 100 countries, 2020-2021 furniture market forecasts that take into account the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, country rankings, major furniture importing and exporting countries and main trading partners.   more

The European market for bathroom furniture, furnishings and wellness

This Report offers an in-deep analysis of the bathroom furniture and furnishings industry in Europe, with data on market size by product for each European country considered, activity trend and macroeconomic forecasts, distribution system and reference prices.   more

The European market for office furniture

A comprehensive picture of the office furniture sector in Europe (30 countries). Historical series of basic data up to the year 2019, office furniture market forecasts 2020-2021 taking into account the impact of Covid-19 outbreak on the sector, performance and market shares of the leading office furniture manufacturers, product categories, distribution and prices.   more

The world upholstered furniture industry

This report offers a comprehensive picture of the Global upholstered furniture sector, providing production, consumption, imports and exports of upholstered furniture 2010-2019, upholstered furniture market forecasts 2020-2021, detailed profiles of the world leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture and a focus on the Top 20 world upholstered furniture countries, also including the analysis of the competitive system.   more

Latest News

WFH Home office furniture

HOME OFFICE. An opportunity in challenging times

The rapid development of the home office furniture segment is among the opportunities for manufacturers generated in these challenging times of pandemic.

Mattress Market 2020

World mattress industry: Trends of last 10 years and insights in the first half of 2020

During the first half of 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 has brought strong effects worldwide, posing different challenges to the global mattress industry.

Article W13 Giulia Taveggia World Furniture CSIL

The world upholstered furniture industry

Market scenario, insights on main countries and leading manufacturers from CSIL recent analysis concerning the global upholstered furniture sector

Furniture China and Maison Shanghai 2020

Furniture China 2020. Exhibition+Internet

Through a series of online and offline activities Furniture China and Maison Shanghai create a new Online + Offline trading mode to promote the development of the furniture industry


Furniture retailing. Times are changing

Physical stores, flexibility and growth of e-commerce for the furniture industry. What is crucial today for furniture retailers in Europe?

The High-end Furniture Market

The world market for high-end furniture is worth approximately US$ 50 billion. The Top 10 countries in this market absorb over 80% of the total high-end furniture; North America and Asia and Pacific, including China, being the main markets

Top Urban Markets

Top urban furniture markets

Companies willing to increase and extend their activities in a new market cannot disregard the development and peculiarities of the cities within a country.

Small business furniture

Office furniture supply for Small business and E-commerce in Europe

CSIL Market Research has recently published results of a survey on a sample of one hundred office furniture dealers for an in-depth analysis of supply activity for small accounts in Europe

Search for CSIL Market Research

CSIL constantly monitors the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the furniture market scenario, to support clients with the most updated data and valuable insights


CSIL survey e-commerce furniture market 2020

What is the incidence of e-commerce in the whole furniture sector and the major current trends? Take part in CSIL survey and receive a free summary of the main research findings

World Furniture Magazine

Furniture Magazine cover n.87

CURRENT ISSUE | SCENARIO: Report from Italy | PROFILES: Fantoni, Scm, Biesse, Pixie, Pefc, Mig Group | FOCUS: Office and home office market, Mattress industry, Upholstery, Country profiles, World kitchen market, EU bathroom market, EU lighting forecasts, Lighting market India | STORYTELLING: Design conversations, New hotel in Florence

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The main exhibitions in the wood, furniture and furnishings sector, lighting fixtures, woodworking machinery, household appliances, textiles, doors, components

CSIL 2020 catalogue

  • furniture reports price list Market Research catalogue of CSIL for Furniture and Furnishing industries.

  • kitchen reports catalog Market Research catalogue of CSIL for Kitchen, Bathroom and Appliance industries.